Did Janice Man spread rumours about her and Nicholas Tse to boost her popularity?

17 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Janice Man (文詠珊) and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) have been the talk of the town, and gossip columns, in recent times following rumours that they may be lovebirds.

The pair were first spotted indulging in lovey-dovey moments at a friend's birthday party, which fuelled speculation that they are the latest couple on the entertainment circuit.

When Janice was asked about it, she denied anything was happening at the moment though she added that her door will remain open to him. She was also spotted breaking out into sweet smiles at the mention of Nicholas' name.

But, recent tabloid reports seem to suggest that Janice's smiles may all be part of an act, and that she started romantic rumors with Nicholas to boost her own popularity, reported Jaynestars.

That backfired in the end when Nicholas only addressed Janice as a “good friend", forcing her to admit to her single status.

Signed under Leon Lai’s (黎明) A Music for four years as a model and actress, Janice did not have many opportunities to shine.

In the few dramas she had a part in, she only only made cameo appearances.

In hopes of advancing her career and earning more money, Janice reportedly aimed to get herself close to Nicholas since he has the reputation that can aid her cause.

Furthermore, Janice once publicly claimed she likes men with mustaches who are ten years older, hinting that Nicholas was her ideal man.

Since Janice did not know Nicholas personally, she asked their mutual friends to introduce her to him. The group had two dinners together, one of which was a birthday party for Nicholas’ business companion.

That night, Janice reportedly attempted to flirt with Nicholas and took the initiative to ask for his number.

According to tabloids, Janice quickly revealed to the press that she has a secret crush on Nicholas right after the dinner.

Janice’s reported claim aroused much suspicion.

An insider working in the modeling industry hinted that Janice had leaked rumors of her relationship with Nicholas.

“When we asked when the relationship started, she couldn’t answer!” the insider said.

After learning of Janice’s reported motives, her mutual friends who introduced her to Nicholas were enraged. A source exclaimed: “Everyone knows Nicholas likes women who are older than him! Why would he like a young woman?

"Using him for publicity like this is ridiculous!”

Janice refused to respond when questioned about the reports.

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