Did Hyori have drunken catfight with Kim Hee Sun?

26 June 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Lee Hyori recently cleared up rumors of how she got into a cat fight with Kim Hee Sun.On June 25, Lee Hyori was a guest on “Hwashin‘ along with Sandara Park, CL and Lee Joon.During the episode, the guests got a chance to talk about the various rumors about themselves throughout the years. Lee Hyori started off by saying, “There is a rumor that me and Kim Hee Sun grabbed each other’s hair and fought.‘She continued, “The rumor states that we fought while drinking at a karaoke bar.‘Then the MCs asked her if she is good at fighting. Lee Hyori answered, “I look fierce but when the situation becomes bad, I tend to cry. I’m not good at fighting. My heart starts to pound and I start to cry. It may not look like it but I’m pretty soft-hearted,‘ disproving the rumour.At this, Kim Hee Sun jokingly said, “There are way too many rumours of me fighting someone,‘ and “I’m good at fighting but because everyone knows, no one touches me,‘ which made everyone laugh.Kim Hee Sun also said, “Whenever I saw Hyori, I always thought, ‘˜She is so my style.’ Same goes for Go Hyun Jung.‘ Then Lee Hyori suggested that the three of them get together sometime.

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