Did Huang Xiaoming propose to Angelababy at underwater restaurant in Maldives?

16 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Huang xiaoming and Angelababy's relationship came into the spotlight once again after rumours surfaced that the actor was planning to propose to Angelababy in an underwater restaurant in Maldives.

Photos of the couple at an airport were posted online by netizens after news of the alleged proposal broke.

Angelababy was spotted wearing a backless, casual dress and many then speculated that she was dressed for a tropical island getaway.

Huang Xiaming has, however, cleared the air on the rumours and denied all allegations via his Weibo account.

He wrote: "Lately I haven’t been filming anything. But my real life is always treated like a show by others. And when they write about it, they turn the male lead, me, into something outrageous.

"My trip to the Maldives this time was to spend my vacation with my parents. It was not to propose! And I have not proposed before!

"I will be filming a new project in August, so I am making use of this time to go to a few more places with my parents.

"It could be that I’m getting old, so I always feel that I have too little time to spend with my parents. Perhaps the most extravagant gift in this world is accompaniment."

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