Did Gillian Chung break up with her Korean BF?

21 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Gillian Chung and her Korean boyfriend of 10 months, Mr. K, broke up earlier this month, according to an Oriental Daily report. Recently, a reader discovered that Ah Sa and Ah Gil had removed Mr. K from their list of followers on Weibo, which then triggered the break up rumor.Reporters contacted both girls, but Ah Sa's assistant expressed that Ah Sa is currently resting and will not comment. Their manager Mani Fok also said "no comment" via WeChat. It is understood that Ah Gil and Mr. K's relationship ended because of their busy schedules and did not have the time to go on dates.To avoid dragging the relationship on further, according to a report in Oriental Daily, Ah Gil removed Mr. K from her Weibo list of followers.

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