Did Edison Chen’s flirtatious behaviour drive girlfriend away?

29 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Tabloids reported that Edison Chen’s flirtatious behaviour might have caused his girlfriend Ann Hong to pack her bags and return to Taiwan.Despite being in a relationship, Edison was spotted many times flirting with beautiful women at a nightclub during his overseas business trip says a report on Asian Pop News.A source closed to Edison disclosed, “In the past, they could not even bear not seeing each other for a short while. Ann suddenly went missing this month. Edison said that she had returned to Taiwan. I thought that it was because Ann found out about his cheating but Edison said it was not. He was hesitant when I probed him for the reason and he only said he was not feeling well‘.While talking to a friend on the streets recently, Edison was photographed putting his hands underneath his pants and scratched his crotch for a few minutes. The photo has since drew a lot of speculations on his coarse action, with some tabloids speculated if his philandering way had affected his body.

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