Did DaDa Chan quit because she was pregnant?

14 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Rumours are rife surrounding DaDa Chan Jing's sudden retirement. Some even believe that she became pregnant just prior to throwing in the towel.

According to a report on HKtopten, her belly was rumored to have become "swollen".

When she attended the production start ceremony for LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI OI YEH PO 3), she had appeared much fuller and admitted that she gained 8 pounds.

She also said that she had to lose weight before work began.

She resigned on the eve of LAN 3's production start, and as a result, speculation was inevitable.

DaDa's manager Celia Sie Lim Chi says that as of yesterday she still had not made contact with DaDa.

She also had not heard anything about DaDa's 'belly rumor' either.

She revealed that she would discuss the matter with a lawyer, but she had yet to take any action yet.

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