Did Aaron Kwok get 'special treatment' from director?

5 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

It has been alleged that Aaron Kwok is director Oxide Pang's favourite on the set of The Conspirators, and received special treatment because of it.While filming, Aaron Kwok apparently received a special trailer with a private bathroom, in addition to other special privileges on set. Aaron was quick to point out that the rumour was not true however. He said, "If you watch the special again you would know, I only used the trailer for a day. That time because we were shooting on a busy bridge, there was no bathroom anywhere. "Thus the team rented a a trailer for me and Ka Fai to share. However we didn't stay inside the trailer. We didn't want to be baked inside. "When we had time we would rather communicate with the director." 

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