Dethroned Miss Myanmar: Organisers list down her alleged lies

8 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

The organizers of Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent 2014 responded to May Myat Noe's (full name: May Myat Noe That Htet Aung) statement during her recent press conference.

They sent out a press release writing, "We hereby submit the following interview data for clarifying the truth, who is responsible for, and making correction report or objection report on this incident, an international issue."

The committee compiled a list stating the alleged lies under the title, 'Lies made by Miss Aung,' in order to rebuke her statements and reveal their side of the story, reports allkpop.

Some of the "lies" that were listed were that Noe had insisted that she took a commercial film without being paid but was found that, "she earned profits of about 20 or 30 million won..."

In response to Noe's statement regarding a forced plastic surgery, they wrote, "...she had returned to her country with the crown from the hospital and had lied that she was forced to take that operation even though there are statements of out-patients treatment and consent letter of operation of her and her mother."

Furthering their statement, the organizers wrote that not only had she lied about her undergoing surgery but she also lied about the committee requesting her to perform sexual favors. No further explanation was given regarding the matter.

The committee also wrote out a detailed schedule (see gallery) of Noe from August 19th, the day Noe and her mother arrived at Incheon Airport, to September 2nd, the day Noe had given her statement through a news conference to further support their statements.

Lastly, they wrote that the reasons for disqualifying her 1st prize award was because of her "continuous lies," "absurd unilateral acts such as 'her returning to her country if her mother cannot stay with her for the 3 months'," and "her bad manners like ignoring the Committee."

Read the full list of what Noe allegedly did in the gallery below.

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