Design the Lollipop Swirl Contest: Nora's star-struck lollypop

13 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Nora Samsudin's intepretation of the Lollipop logo is what she calls the 'Star-struck Lollypop'. Check out this 21-year-old's design.Nora said:"Hi, I'm currently working as administrative support in a law firm. "What inspired me to design the lollipop was because as I've seen most of the candy shops are selling the rounded type of lollipop with many colours. "I choose a star as my design because I find it very unique and the two-tone colour of black and hot pink is my favourite colour! "And if this design was a real candy, I'm sure the kids or anyone else will love it! (:"View details of the Design the Lollipop Swirl Contest here.

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