Dee Hsu abused by hubby? Her sister Barbie reveals what happened

21 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Taiwanese host, Dee Hsu was suspected to be a victim of domestic violence after she was spotted with a bruise at the corner of her left eye.

Five years ago, there was also rumours that Dee had been hit by her husband, Mike Hsu. All these fueled speculation that she might have been abused.

Yesterday, Barbie Hsu and her husband Wang Xiaofei were spotted by reporters while they were heading home after dinner. Barbie also took the opportunity to clarify the bruise on Dee’s eye, reports Asian Pop News.

“She can’t drink well. Whenever she is drunk, she can’t differentiate the directions north, south, east and west when she is in the toilet,” said Barbie.

Barbie also joked, “She has some sort of neurological disorder and is a form of disease.”

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