Death or happy ending for Nancy Wu in TVB drama "The Confidant"?

12 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Mingpao/TVB News WorldTVB anniversary series The Confidant started off with high ratings and once again, Wayne Lai becomes one of the hot favorites for the TV King title. Lately, he has been working on a new film in Malaysia and was called back immediately by TVB to shoot an alternative ending for the series; audience can choose whether Nancy Wu's character "Sin Yung" lives or dies. In the original ending, Nancy's role "Sin Yung" gets beaten to death by "Tim Sau" (Edwin Siu), but in the new version she gets a happy ending. Producer Law Wing Yin reveals all the questions -- will Sin Yung die? will she marry another man? or does she become a nun? -- will be answered at the finale. This time, they filmed two versions of the ending in hope to get the viewers more into the series and this time, the decision is in the hands of the audience. Producer Law frankly expressed: "Just playing with gimmicks! (Are you planning to do an all-citizen vote again to decide which ending to broadcast?) We are still discussing the details now. Perhaps we'll just be airing one of the endings and then air the other on the official site (" He also admitted that Michelle Yim secretly filmed another scene, but because Empress Dowager Cixi is a historical character after all, her role cannot be modified too much, otherwise it will displease the audience. In addition, it is possible there will be a finale event held at the shopping mall for the cast to watch the finale with the audience. Nancy is pleased to hear that there is so much attention on whether her role ends up living or dies. Her personal favorite is for Sin Yung to die because leaving a sense of regret is not a bad thing. Wayne supports having two versions of the ending, so audience can vote on which ending they want to see or perhaps just see both endings. This can satisfy the likings of a wider range of viewers. Also, he does not feel pressured by the TV King battle because The Confidant cannot surpass the Rosy Business myth. On the popular "HK Golden" Discussion Forum, there is a poll for TV King and Queen. Wayne is leading over Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma. Kate Tsui is the most popular on the TV Queen side.

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