Dayo Wong panics after he gets caught on date with 'secret GF'

2 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Dayo Wong's love life has been something of a mystery after breaking up with his make-up artiste girlfriend Annie two years ago.

There were rumours that the 53-year-old had patched back with his ex-girlfriend though he has since dismissed them, reported Apple Daily.

However, reports surfaced last month that Dayo may have a new girlfriend who is also said to be living together with him.

The newly-crowned TVB TV King has been cautious about announcing his relationship and has not uttered a single word on his new romance.

On Monday night (Dec 30), the paparazzi seemd to have captured photographs of Dayo's reported girlfriend when he went to look at a shop space.

Dayo may be on the verge of investing in a shop, and took her along to view the property.

After viewing the shop space, they drove to a local eatery to get a meal when a reporter approached Dayo.

Almost immediately, Dayo put on his mask before driving off.

Ten minutes later, he came back and picked up the girl, who also wore her hooded jacket to cover her face.

Dayo eventually drove back to his apartment and dropped her off at the entrance first before going to park his car.

Dayo's latest love interest has a tall and slim frame, and is said to bear a resemblance to Taiwanese singer Mavis Fan with her short hair.

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