Dax Shephard's wedding cost $142

29 October 2013 / 3 years 10 hours ago

Dax Shephard has revealed his and Kristen Bell's wedding cost $142 in total.

The 38-year-old actor tied the knot with Kristen, 33, on October 17, but it wasn't a typical Hollywood ceremony as it took place at the Beverly Hills County Clerk's office and cost just under $150 for the whole ceremony.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', he revealed: "So we went to the Beverly Hills Court House and all in, with fuel to get there, $142 out the door.

"Friends of ours came to the courthouse, and it was just Kristen and I at this lonely Court House, so they brought us this cake afterwards.

'World's Worst Wedding.' How many people can say they threw 'The World's Worst Wedding?'

The pair - who got engaged in 2010 - decided to delay their nuptials until their home state of California legalised same-sex marriage, which happened in June.

However, the 'Veronica Mars' actress appeared to be quite happy with her low-key wedding as she admits she's "still on a high".

Earlier this week, she said: "I'm still on a high. We actually did it. I can officially call him my husband, which is pretty awesome. Other than that, it feels exactly the same."

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