David Beckham's 12 year-old son makes staggering amount by modelling for Burberry

11 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Back in 2002 David and Victoria Beckham’s third child, Romeo, was born in London.

Apart from his gorgeous to-die-for genes, he was also blessed with an A-list celebrity lifestyle since the day he was born.

Sir Elton John is his godfather and Liz Hurley his godmother, reports Things You Didn't Know.

A little more than a decade later, Romeo proved to the rest of the world that he’s indeed following in the footsteps of Liz, Victoria and David by modeling for Burberry’s new Christmas campaign.

According to official reports, Burberry hired Romeo to model for their new collection “From London With Love” and paid him a whopping $71,000.

The 12 year old kid worked only 8 hours on the set of the photo shoot, which means that he made around $148 per minute doing nothing but looking cute in Burberry’s signature plaid.

If Romeo keeps up the good work and the paychecks keep coming, he might even top his parents’ success before he becomes an adult – after all, his only 12 years old.

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