David Beckham sings praises about MBS Infinity Pool, Great World City restaurant and more

27 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Football star David Beckham made several stops in Asian countries for his Haig Club launch in the region recently.

According to his Facebook page, these included visiting China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

The 39-year-old celebrity also shared photos of himself at various locations in these cities, which he sang praises about.

One of these photos showed Beckham soaking in the famous Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands Skypark, along with the caption: "I LOVE this pool! Goodbye, Singapore. Selamat tinggal, Singapura. 再见了,新加坡. Kuṭpai, Singapore."

During his time in the Lion City, Beckham also shared how he had an "incredible meal as always "at one of his favourite restaurants in Singapore, Kuriya Dining @ Great World City".

In addition, the sports star spoke of having an incredible reception in Malaysia and called Hong Kong "one of the most beautiful cities in the world".

The best picture, however, was one that showed a woman who was trying to snap a photo of Beckham while she was riding on a motorcycle. It was apparently taken in Hanoi, Vietnam.

"I’m all for fans taking a picture but not sure this is the safest way to do it," Beckham said good-naturedly.

Browse the gallery below to Beckham's photos, along with his lovely captions.

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