Dance king Show Luo takes a jab at Anthony Wong during gig

22 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago
Source: Jayne Stars

At his Hong Kong Coliseum concert, Show Luo opened with bold dance moves, even performing a suggestive banana act with his female dancers.

However it seems Anthony Wong has no idea who this Taiwanese "Dance King of Asia" is.

The comment that sparked this came from rumours that Show was rivalling Jay Chou for Jolin Tsai’s love.

Anthony Wong asked, "Who is Show Luo?" and this sparked a flame war on Weibo in May 2012.

So at his recent concert, Show kept asking the audience, “Hi everyone! Do you know what my name is?‘ When fans shouted out his name, Show said, “Great, it’s good that you know!‘

his happened about 10 times throughout the show.

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