Dal Shabet's Subin injured and hospitalised after her car overturned

26 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Dal Shabet's Subin has moved to a hospital in Seoul for a more detailed examination after getting into a car accident.

Subin had been coming from her filming schedule for MBC Every1's 'Nine to Six 2' as a fixed guest. Further details regarding the accident haven't been released yet, reports allkpop.

According to reports from TV broadcasters, "Subin is travelling from Busan to Seoul after finishing a schedule when their vehicle collided and overturned. Subin and two other staff are injured."

A rep from her agency told Osen on the 24th, "She was moved to a hospital this afternoon. She's awaiting a more detailed examination. Her right ankle needs to be more thoroughly examined. The examination is scheduled for the 26th."

Happy Face Entertainment CEO Lee Joo Won previously stated,  "I had a phone conversation right now with Subin, who has been admitted to a hospital in Ulsan. 

"Subin told me, 'I injured my hip and leg, but the results of the X-ray I took a little while ago show no fractures.'  We thought, at first, that she suffered fractures.

"Luckily, her bones are not fractured, but Subin cried because she was very shocked by this accident and is concerned about the fact that the manager, who drove the vehicle, suffered injuries on the collarbone, shoulder, and more.

"Subin is currently admitted to the hospital and is receiving treatment along with her manager, but as the treatment goes on, we will decide on whether they can transfer to a hospital in Seoul and figure out the schedule.

"Currently, Subin and the manager's healths are of the foremost importance; therefore, Subin's preplanned schedule are all canceled for now so she can focus on treatment."

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