Dada Chen cried from fear filming rape scene in truck

8 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

In a scene from Tales from the Dark, three thugs raped DaDa. She said, "At the time I was so scared that I cried. Because rape scenes ultimately involved physical contact, and it had to happen in such a small place like a car truck, I was bruised all over."According to a report in HKTopTen, DaDa was at the airport yesterday to fly to New York for the Asian Film Festival. Due to her less than fluent English, DaDa had became the laughing stock in previous public appearances. This time however, she travelled to New York with several English books so she could brush up.She said that she brought 10 sets of clothing in hopes of being at her best every second. She even joked to take the chance to run into Jay Chou. DaDa said, "I know Chow Kit Lun's The Rooftop will be the closing film, so I very much look forward to running into him there. Then I will definitely take the chance to make more opportunities." DaDa recently worked with Susan Shaw Yam Yam again on the film Tales from the Dark, and performed in a Fruit Chan directed segment. Two Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actresses again set off sparks in the film. Sister Yam Yam praised DaDa's outstanding acting that opened her eyes. "She was born to be in our business. Working with such a young out of the oven Best Supporting, Actress, I feel very fortunate. After Ah Mui's passing, I haven't seen any actor who could play different characters. "Working with her, I felt I got a lot of out of this life. I really like this script, in addition Chan is the director. It absolutely is a Heaven sent chance." DaDa was very touched to receive Sister Yam Yam's praise. "I am very happy. Actually we interacted, without her my acting couldn't be brought out. Earlier we worked together on a comedy, this time is my new attempt."

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