Dada Chan thought that retiring would help her escape depression

7 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

DaDa Chan Jing has been "diving" and has not appeared in public since announcing her show business retirement online on August 8.

Yesterday DaDa called for an "apology press conference". For 8 minutes, she read her letter of apology, apologized six times and explained her mid grade depression. When she mentioned her family, the actress sobbed.

After "diving" for three months, Chan Jing appeared at the hotel yesterday with the company of manager Celia Sie Lim Chi and co-workers. She looked slimmer than during her "diving period" but still shocked guests with her "elephant legs". 

According to a report on Hktopten, DaDa first posed for the media then picked up her "cheat sheet" at the podium to speak.

"3 months ago I announced my one-sided retirement from work online, which was a very irresponsible act. After 3 months of consideration, I clearly realize how wrong I have been this time!"

She admitted that the enormous stress from work and her family problem led to her depression. She had announced the one-sided retirement to escape.

She said, "I was very impulsive with my one-sided announcement to retire, thinking that running away could resolve problems. I understand very much that my unwise decision before has affected many people, I hereby apologize to everyone." 

DaDa apologized to her company, her manager, the film company, shopping center clients and others one by one. When she apologized to her family, she sobbed.

Speaking of her mood disorder, she said, "The doctor confirmed that I had mid grade depression. Earlier I kept my doctor appointments. The note that the doctor gave me expired on September 27. In October we began to reduce medication, then in the middle of this month, the condition drastically improved. 

DaDa said that after cooling down from this incident, she clearly understood that she liked her showbiz job. She has learned to cherish it and from now on would cherish every job opportunity.

After reading her script, DaDa stood up again and gave half a minute long bow to the media. Then she turned around to leave and used tissue to wipe tears from the corner of her eyes.

Reporters asked questions about if she attempted suicide or about her company's "contract extension", but she just returned backstage. Manager Sie Lim Chi lightly touched her back in support.

When reporters asked Sie Lim Chi to come back out and meet with everyone, she and DaDa left through the back door.

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