Dada Chan planning comeback? She proves 'retirement' with doc's note

26 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Earlier announcing her retirement, DaDa Chan Jing recently released her doctor's note to prove that she had depression.

Many industry insiders and people online were puzzled, thinking that since she announced her retirement why would she need to show proof.

They speculated that she might be paving her way to a "comeback", reported HKTopTen.

DaDa's manager Celia Sie Lim Chi yesterday responded, "Earlier the company issued a statement. The company was willing to face and resolve Chan Jing's moods and pressure. A health condition doesn't mean that you don't need to handle your work. You should seek a suitable way to handle it. Because she didn't communicate with the company, the matter can only be handed to the lawyers. I am not at liberty to say too much."

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