DaDa Chan has started acting again -- but admits her first intimate scene was awkward

3 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Gordon Lam Ka Tung and DaDa Chen Jing in the film THE Z STORM (Z FUNG BO) worked together for the first time, but on the first day of work they immediately had to perform an intense bed scene.

According to an article in Hktopten, because they did not ask for a cleared set, the crew's gawking made DaDa feel very awkward.

In the end they had six bad takes before completing the scene.

Usually before a kiss scene, both parties would resort to chewing some gum, but DaDa apparently had a bowl of flavourful egg noodles.

Ka Tung praised her and said that this was completely an expression of self confidence.

Although the bed scene became the focus, DaDa was the most pleased with her breakup scene with Wong Man Tak because she felt her acting has improved.

As she once suffered from depression, she admitted that she was worried no one would give her another chance after she came back.

Thus she felt very fortunate to perform this time. She also has already let go of her negative emotions and started over.

She said, "This time the character is very tragic, with a lot of negative emotions. My experience from my depression was just right for the character. It helped me get into character."

When asked how the film went so far, she said, "I feel very naked, but Ka Tung's body covered mine. I have more facial expressions."

Ka Tung joked, "She didn't enjoy it at all. She had a pretty bitter look, like she saw a ghost." 

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