DaDa Chan explains herself -- and apologises 6 times for her sudden disappearance

11 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Three months ago, DaDa Chan announced to the public that she retired from the entertainment business.

Since the announcement, she has completely disappeared from the limelight.

However, just recently, DaDa called for an “apology press conference” and invited news media to the event, reports

For eight minutes, she read a letter of apology and apologized six times to all parties that have been affected.

She announced that she was diagnosed with mid-grade depression and was taking medication.

After her three-month disappearance, DaDa appeared thin.

She was accompanied by her manager Celia Sie and co-workers for support.

She said, “I would like to apologize for being irresponsible and erratic for my actions of announcing my one-sided retirement three months ago.

"After consideration, I realized how wrong I have been all this time! I acted this way because I wanted to escape.”

DaDa said she developed depression from stress and family problems.

She said, “I thought that I could run away from everything by announcing my retirement and all problems will be solved.

"I understand now that my unwise decision has deeply affected many parties and I am here to apologize sincerely to everyone who I have hurt!”

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