DaDa Chan disappears after announcing retirement, then regrets it

1 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

In early August, actress DaDa Chan announced her retirement from showbusiness due to an emotional disorder.

She also stopped contacting her management company. Later some witnessed DaDa gambling in Australia, reports HK Top Ten.

Last month, DaDa looked mysteriously swollen and was rumoured to be pregnant. She stayed with pseudo model Ivy Choi Ying Ying.

After three months in 'seclusion', DaDa regretted her decision. Her mood also greatly improved after resting.

Recently, she began to go out with friends and wanted to make a comeback. DaDa met also met up with her manager Celia Sie. Celia appeared to be lecturing DaDa, as DaDa was seen frequently nodding. 

DaDa picked up a tea pot with both hands and poured tea for Sie Lim. She wiped away tears and sobbed to express her regret. Celia's expression softened and she touched DaDa's arm.

DaDa was emotional as she embraced Celia and cried for two minutes. Celia later picked up a pile of documents for both of them to sign.

They then had a heart to heart talk. DaDa apparently added another 4 years to her existing 6-year contract to ask for her company's forgiveness.

DaDa Chan disappears after announcing retirement

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