DaDa Chan is back after 3-month disappearance -- fatter than before

20 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Claiming to have mid grade depression and retiring from show business for three months, DaDa Chan Jing held a press conference to announce her return.

According to an article in hktopten, two nights ago she attended her first comeback event.

After her three-month disappearance, DaDa is said to have grown out shape.

For her return, she lost 6 pounds and managed to keep her bust size.

She said: "At my fattest I reached 120 pounds. My appetite is enormous so dieting is very hard, in particular with the huge pressure before.

"My favorite food is sweets. Now I rely on running and exercising as well as health foods. The goal is to lose 6 more pounds."

DaDa revealed that she has already recovered from her depression, as she no longer needed medication anymore.

"Now the state of mind is the most important. I have experienced a major event in life, learned a lot and have learned from it," she said.

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