Cutie pie Gwiyomi singer likes the Merlion

13 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Korean singer Hari's video of her performing the song Gwiyomi with a series of cute hand movements went viral in early 2013.

It has since been covered by fans across the region as well as South Korean stars such as Super Junior and Girls' Generation.

Accotding to a report in The Straits Times Communities, Hari is as cute as her song in person. Dressed in a cream and black dress with pink nails and her hair done up in two little buns, she could pass off for a manga character.
She also often had little gestures to go along with her replies. Asked what her facial expression is like when she is angry, she gamely grimaces and then pretends to have horns using her fingers.
Besides promoting the single, Hari had some time to see the sights in Singapore as well. Her favourite attraction was the Merlion and she demonstrated how she posed with it, as though the water spout was aimed right at her.
While she was shocked by the popularity of the song at first, she is now happily enjoying the attention. She adds: "I don't really feel any pressure."
For the record, Hari's favourite gesture for the song is the final flourish in which she lightly kisses the five fingers of one hand and the thumb of the other hand.
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