May Chan took 4 hours to film intense kissing scene in bed

25 October 2014 / 2 years 2 days ago

TVB actress May Chan revealed that she gave her very first kiss to Bob Lam while they were filming "Come On, Cousin".

According to Jaynestars, the 30-year-old actress shot to fame last year in the hit series "Inbound Troubles", with her role as the funny and lively Sai Sai Lap.

Promoted by TVB due to her humble and bubbly personality, May participated in "Gilded Chopsticks" and "My Bounty Lady".

Although May exhibits boundless energy in front of others, she has frequently lamented about wanting to lose weight during interviews and shared her wish of getting a boyfriend. Besides admitting that she has never dated, May disclosed that she has not had her first kiss yet.

However, May ended up giving away her first kiss to Come On, Cousin co-star Bob Lam. The scene took four hours to shoot, in which the pair ended up kissing on the bed! To avoid outtakes, May put all her energy into the kiss scenes.

Perhaps due to her lack of dating experience, May initially refused to film the kiss scene. However after Wong Cho Lam persuaded her for six months, May finally relented.

Despite her hesitations in the beginning, May stated she was not traumatized by the intense kiss. “Of course not, Bob is actually a God in chubby men’s eyes. He always says that he’s lucky so kissing him will give me luck!”

May also said she has another kissing scene in an upcoming series. Since the details are still in discussion, she did not want to give any information away yet.

May Chan
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