Crystal Huang's husband sorry for calling her manipulative, selfish and vain on Weibo

29 November 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Huang Yiqing has apologised for accusing wife Crystal Huang of selfishness and vanity, as well as for claiming that she was emotionally abusive and manipulating others by playing the victim.

The couple were married in 2012, and welcomed a daughter in January 2013. In order to cope with raising her child, Crystal decreased her workload to care for her baby, and on Weibo, she often shared her thoughts about motherhood as well as crying over news of abused children.

According to a report on, Yiqing fiercely criticized Crystal online on Nov 25, accusing her of being selfish and vain, and claiming that she is emotionally abusive and guilty of manipulating others by playing the victim. He also attacked her personally, saying she is terrible at math and concluded that she is simply crazy.

He later uploaded a video of what a heated argument he had with his wife. In the heat of the shouting match, Crystal had apparently taken out her frustration on her daughter, dropping the child roughly on the floor.

Slightly past midnight, Yiqing once again vented on Weibo, demanding Crystal to return home to sign what was implied to be divorce papers, declaring that he could no longer tolerate the situation.

Less than twenty-fours later however, Yiqing had delete his outburst from Weibo and posted a photo of himself carrying his daughter over his shoulder.

He also apologised, saying:“I thought I was being the ideal father, protecting my daughter. Unintentionally I failed to acknowledge my true responsibilities as the head of household. I thought I was being bold, but I ended up hurting my most beloved other half. Thank you for waking me up… I love you. My other half, I’m sorry!”.

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