Crystal Huang's husband accused of hitting her with iPad

25 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Photo: Asianpopnews

Crystal Huang’s marriage is being thrown under the spotlight again after recent allegations that her husband, Huang Yiqing had hit her with an iPad.

A confinement lady who stayed with Crystal during her confinement in the United States claimed that she was indeed a victim of domestic violence. She recalled that on the ninth day of Crystal’s confinement, her husband had hit her on the forehead with an iPad while she and her baby were still sleeping.

“Huang Yi shielded her head and screamed at him,” she added.

The confinement lady also recalled that Huang Yiqing had a bad temper and flared up for no reason, and would be willing to testify for Huang Yi if she proceeded with her divorce, reports asianpopnews.    

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