Crystal Huang gets final warning from hubby after meeting rich guy in secret

13 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Following a nasty publicized argument last year, it was rumored that mainland Chinese actress Crystal Huang (黃奕) and her husband, businessman Huang Yiqing (黃毅清), were headed for divorce. Though the two eventually reconciled, their relationship appears to have remained rocky.

Recently, Yiqing issued a final warning to Crystal after she was spotted secretly meeting with another man, reports a Jayne Stars article.

In November of last year, Yiqing publicly criticized Crystal on his Sina Weibo, accusing her of being mentally unstable and hinting that he wanted a divorce. He also uploaded a video of the two arguing, during which Crystal allegedly dropped their daughter, who was 11 months old at the time, on the floor.

Yiqing later deleted his rants and apologized for his outburst, but it was the last straw for him when Crystal was recently spotted meeting with a rich businessman in Hong Kong.

On June 11, Yiqing posted an angry message on Weibo, which read, “If you continue concealing your scandals by needlessly implicating a father and daughter, who are living peaceful lives, then God will sort you out!”

Yiqing also took offense at a news article about Crystal’s secret meeting. The article in question mentioned his previous Weibo attack, as well as his subsequent apology and change of heart, and stated that Yiqing was criticized by netizens for his constantly changing moods.

However, in his point of view, the reporter was simply trying to muddle the article’s focal point, which was about Crystal’s infidelity, by bringing in unrelated news.

Yiqing went on to say, “This is my final warning! I am only an ordinary father who is willing, at all times, to sacrifice himself to protect his child. I don’t have any special status. I have already been the most forgiving by remaining silent!”

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