Criminal charges filed against dethroned Miss Myanmar and her mother

3 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

In a recent press release, the Miss Asia Pacific World Organization (MAPWO) announced that Chief Organization Commissioner Andre Jung would be filing criminal charges and suing former pageant winner Miss Myanmar May Myat Noe Aung and her mother.

May Myat Noe Aung, who won the 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World beauty pageant representing the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, was recently dethroned in August by the MAPWO committee for lying about her age and for not cooperating with the committee, ignoring their requests and acting out on her own during her stay in Korea.

Aung, 15, then took the crown and sash with her back to her home country despite being dethroned, and told the press that she did not receive money from the commercials she filmed, that she was forced into having plastic surgery, and was forced to perform sexual favors to fund her album release in Korea.

The MAPWO has denied that any of these claims are true, saying that Aung profited around 20-30 million won in commercials, had signed a consent form to have plastic surgery on her breasts, and was never forced to perform sexual favors.

According to allkpop, the MAPWO is now filing criminal charges and suing the young girl and her mother for reporting these false claims to the world and thus damaging the reputation of the competition, its sponsors, and the country in general.

The MAPWO Committee has stated, "May Myat Noe Aung has ruined the reputation and brand of the Miss Asia Pacific World Organization so greatly that the return of the crown or even her death would not solve this problem. She also has ruined the relationship between Myanmar and South Korea.

"This has caused a strain on business relations between the two countries as well. Furthermore, she is the prime reason for the decline in the cultural interchange between Asian countries."

They continued to demonstrate the inconsistencies in her statements, saying, "She has persistently lied in fluent Korean saying, 'I was forced into getting surgery.' But at the press conference she stated, 'I never got surgery.'

In an interview on MBC TV Korea's 'Real Story Eye', she stated, 'When my mother and I signed the consent operation agreement, I thought it was Medical Check. I didn't know the meaning of the signature.'

"Through this false interview, she has deceived the entire world press making South Korea the laughing stock of the world."

The MAPWO Committee further stated, "The most important reason for pressing criminal charges is to prevent the Korean entertainment industry from collapsing due to her false accusations. By thoroughly punishing her, this will prevent her from ever making any more false accusations."

The MAPWO Committee has consulted Joon Gyu Kim, a lawyer who previously served as the 37th Attorney General for the country, and is currently looking to hire an international lawyer in Myanmar to officially press charges and sue Aung. 

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