Cousins Ji Young and Yoon-G fight over a boy

4 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

KARA’s Kang Ji Young and NS Yoon-G are both in love with the same boy, and they’re not afraid of expressing their love for him.According to an article in K Pop Starz, on March 3, Kang Ji Young tweeted, “I’m watching, Dad! Where Are We Going~~~~ Hoo~~~~~ya. ♥♥♥♥♥♥‘Seeing Kang Ji Young’s tweet, cousin and singer, NS Yoon-G replied back, “No TT Hoo is mine!!! Kekeke.‘Kang Ji Young ended the conversation, saying, “Kekekeke. And yet, Hoo doesn’t even know who we are.‘The boy in question turned out to be VIBE Yoon Min Soo’s six-year-old son, Yoon Hoo. From pretending to like kimchi to appear strong in front of the girls to bowing 30 times on Lunar New Year to pay for his mom’s speeding ticket, Yoon Hoo has been stealing the nation’s heart with his cuteness on MBC’s Dad! Where Are We Going?Netizens could only agree with Kang Ji Young and NS Yoon-G’s online conversation, saying, “I’m also enjoying my Sundays because of Yoon Hoo,‘ “Even they have fallen in love with Yoon Hoo’s charms,‘ and “They are fun cousins.‘View the gallery for pictures of the two cousins, the little boy they're both fighting over, as well as other related photos.

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