Cool stunt: Aaron Kwok stamps his handprint -- in mid-air

27 September 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday attended a PCCW-HKT press conference for the film, The Conspirators, which was selected for the Asia Pacific Film Festival.

At the event, he impressed onlookers by stamping his handprint in mid-air.

When asked if he was confident winning an award, he said, "An actor has to have confidence. The most important is to be yourself.

"I will continue to be an excellent actor, choose good scripts and make good movies."

Although good scripts were hard to come by, he has not planned to invest in films. Not only did he feel the risk was great, he felt that Hong Kong also lacked excellent new generation actors.

He also spoke of his use of mobile phones, saying that he would often leave his phone with his assistant when making a movie.

He revealed that he has never sent any love text messages, and normally online he would only look at his own photos and reports.

View the gallery below for pictures of Aaron Kwok and his rumoured new girlfriend.

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