Controversial Singapore film given R21 rating after edits

11 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: The Straits TimesThe local film Sex.Violence.FamilyValues, effectively given a ban last year because of its racial humour, has just been given a rating of R21 following an appeal by the film's makers. This means it can be screened in cinemas to audience members aged 21 or older.A statement by the Media Development Authority (MDA), e-mailed at 2.30pm today, says that the film may be screened under an Restricted 21 (R21) rating "with edits", without describing what the edits should be.But the statement also mentioned that the Films Appeal Committee (FAC), the body that is deciding on the appeal, "took account of the public complaints arising from an online trailer containing the more controversial segments of the film, especially in regard to racial references in Porn Masala".

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