Confident or arrogant? Han Chae Young is aware of her good looks

23 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Actress Han Chae Young revealed that she's aware of her good looks.

She sat down for an interview on the February 22nd episode of 'Entertainment Relay', where she was asked if she knew she was pretty.

According to an allkpop article, Han Chae Young responded, "Yes, that's right. I know. There's a difference in attitude when you wear clothing and think of yourself as pretty and when you're not satisfied."

The actress was also asked if she's ever sick of being called Korea's "barbie doll." Han Chae Young answered honestly, "No. I've heard this question a lot, but I'm always happy to hear it."

She talked about how she manages to stay fit as well. "It's continual exercise. I do strenuous exercise one hour a day," joking, "I'm still young."

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