Composer Zubir Said's 107th birthday honoured by Google doodle

22 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Today's Google Doodle in Singapore marks 107th Birthday of music composer Zubir Said with his portrait in the centre.

According to, Said was born in Indonesia in 1907, July 22nd.

Though he is a Indonesian, Zubir shifted to Singapore at age of 21 and most of his music career is related to Singapore.

It is said that there are about 1500 songs in Zubir name. Unfortunately, only few of these songs got recorded and are out to world.

Zubir Said died at the age 80, on 16 November 1987.

Google's doodles are country-specific, if you click here you'll see the other significant events that happened on this day.

Look in the gallery to see the Google doodle for Zubir Said.

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