Comedian apologizes for saying MBLAQ has superstar attitude

20 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Comedian Lim Joon Hyuk had to apologise after tweeting that idol group MBLAQ were uncooperative and had a 'superstar attitude'.According to a report on AllKPop, he had written the comment in reference to MBLAQ's appearance on "Rising Star", accusing the group of having a "superstar attitude".The original message, which was deleted on June 6 after a flood of fans began to harass the comedian, read as follows:"Today's recording was the most difficult since the start of 'Rising Star'."I realize now that 2PM had come after preparing really hard."We won't do this, no we can't do that - [MBLAQ] was saying that even up until filming began, and I don't know if they didn't hear about us wanting to do a test run before the filming or if they heard it but just forgot about it."It was very like superstars had made their entrance... G.O, however, worked really hard."This are my personal thoughts, so if anyone happens to see this, aim your disses only toward me."Representatives of J.Tune Entertainment and various PD's from different variety shows flocked to support MBLAQ."They worked hard as they would on music programs. I think there must have been some misunderstanding... There was no specific problem during the recording and the recording went well. We are just regretful that something, like this has been brought up," said one rep.The PD for "Immortal Song" said, "I can't believe the rumours that they don't work hard. If you ask other variety show PDs, they'll say the same thing. No one works as hard as MBLAQ. Also, it's the comedian that's at the center of a comedy program. Even if the guests are a little lacking, it's their job to fill in that space".The issue would eventually be somewhat resolved when Lim Joon Hyuk took to Facebook to try and apologize:"This is comedian Lim Joon Hyuk."First, I want to apologize because I believe there's a big misunderstanding from the MBLAQ-related article posted on my Facebook."On June 5, when MBLAQ came to film 'UtChatSah' as guests, I made the post on Facebook, and then I deleted it voluntarily on June 6. I'm sorry and I want to clear up the air, so I want to tell you about our recording on the 5."MBLAQ was scheduled to be a special guest in our segment 'Rising Star'. On the day of the recording, MBLAQ took time out of their busy schedules during their comeback to stop by the studio."And since all five MBLAQ members were in our segment, it is true that it was difficult to get the lines down and to cooperate. "But they finished the practice well, and during the actual 'Rising Star' recording, both MBLAQ and the comedians, worked professionally to give our audience the best laughter and finished the filming without NG scenes, gaining applause from the audience."When we record live comedy, even comedians that practice hundreds of times during a full week for one recording have NGs during recording. I want to thank the MBLAQ members for performing well without a single NG."Even though I've recorded hundreds of times, I think comedy is something you always have disappointment in after the fact. After I recorded and came home, I posted what I felt on Facebook, and tried to be humorous as a comedian when I expressed the disappointment from that day. "But the day after, I realized many people saw my post. Realizing it could be misunderstood, I just deleted the post myself."Again, I'm sorry all this happened because of my post, and I hope there are no other misunderstandings. And from now on, I will be more careful with my words."

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