Coco Lee reveals S.H.E Selina Jen's dating history

26 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

International songbird Coco Lee made a gust appearance on a variety show Selina Jen co-hosts, Little Universe No. 33.According to an article in Korean Fans, during filming, Coco Lee revealed that Selina was dumped by her boyfriend in high school. She went on to chide the boy for being “heartless‘.Selina said she got over the break-up by listening to Coco’s songs.“I’d plug into a Walkman on a train and cry when I listen to the tracks.‘Now that both singers are married, the S.H.E member told her idol excitedly, “Your kids will be so adorable, since they are mixed-blood!‘In response to Selina’s comment, Coco said, “I think they’ll be really cheeky!‘

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