Coco Lee angrily slams the 'cheap person' who poisoned her dog to death

25 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Coco Lee's beloved dog 10-year-old dog, Buffy suddenly passed away.

The 40-year-old diva was grieving over the loss of her dog and has been crying continuously, reports Asian Pop News.

Besides mourning over the death of her dog on Weibo, Coco also revealed that the canine did not die of old age, but that it was poisoned.

She said: "My heart is in pain. My beloved doggie, Buffy has just passed away. I have been crying. I am very sad. He was 10 years old this year.

"While on a stroll with my mum, he could have eaten the poison on the floor deliberately dropped by some cheap person. The vet said that he was poisoned."

"It is too sudden. I was playing with hi that day and I did not expect him to leave us. Buffy is a very intelligent dog.

"I hate those bad people who placed on the ground to poison many owner's beloved dogs. I am really very sad."

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