Co-star reveals that DaDa Chan saw ghosts during filming

16 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Actress Susan Shaw Yam Yan appeared on a television interview and discussed her opinion on co-star DaDa Chan's sudden retirement.

According to an article in TVB Newsworld, she revealed that during the filming of 'Tales From The Dark', DaDa Chan often said she saw ghosts.

"I feel that she couldn't take it physically. If I could find her, I world definitely yell at her for not cherishing (her opportunities)!"

Shaw also expressed sympathy towards her manager Celia Sie Lim Chi as DaDa Chan's retirement would affect her the mosy.

She further denies that DaDa had a rich boyfriend, saying: "She was on set every day, when would she have time to meet and date guys?"

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