Co-star complains about lack of intimate scenes with Jessica C

24 October 2014 / 2 years 1 day ago

Model-actress Jessica C., Andy On (安志杰), and Philip Ng’s (伍允龍) new action packed movie, Zombie Fight Club <屍城> recently premiered to fairly good reception.

First time taking on the role of a female zombie fighter, Jessica found the action scenes rather challenging. Luckily, Jessica did not sustain any injuries and was only tired at the end of the filming session.

Despite the hard work and sore muscles, Jessica enthusiastically revealed that she really wants to be female martial artiste, reports Jayne Stars.

Aside from her action stunts, Jessica also has a daring shower scene with another actress in the movie, showcasing her sensual side.

Even though Jessica and Andy did not share any romantic scenes in Zombie Fight Club, the two appeared very close and sang praises for each other. Besides calling Andy a hero, Jessica said Andy was someone who took great care of her during filming.

When asked if he disappointed on not being able to have more romantic scenes with Jessica, Andy lamented, “Of course it’s disappointing! It’s not every day that you get to work with a pro actress who also dresses in sexy clothing.

"When we first started filming, we weren’t close with each other, but she’s very professional and sexy. She’s a good person and she’s very nice. Every time you see her, you’ll be happy. She makes everyone happy.”

Upon hearing Andy’s cry about the lack of intimate scenes with Jessica, she responded that if they were to collaborate in the future, she would not mind having intimate scenes with him. Jessica disclosed that Andy would be her cup of tea if she did not already have a boyfriend.

She said, “Andy is very hot! Even with clothes on, he is very muscular.”

Jessica C.
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