Clara's lawsuit: Juicy text messages between her and CEO leaked

26 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Dispatch, in an exclusive report, has revealed the full text conversation between Clara and Polaris’ CEO Lee Jong Myung, excluding any texts that involve a third party.

The two sides are currently embroiled in a legal dispute, Polaris having filed a criminal suit against Clara for threatening the agency, and Clara having filed a civil counter, based on a claim of sexual harassment.

The previous report from Dispatch that initially revealed a portion of the texts largely supported Polaris, showing messages in which Clara sends Director Lee revealing photos of herself and mostly initiates the conversation.

According to Soompi, Clara’s lawyer immediately responded to the report, saying that the revealed texts do not even make up half of the conversation, and suggesting that the Dispatch release was backed by Polaris, in an attempt to pressure Clara through the media and gain the upper hand.

Texts revealed on January 21 by Dispatch show in more detail the progression of the relations between Clara and the Polaris CEO, from friendly to strained and uncomfortable, including conversations between the two regarding Clara recommending her previous agency CEO to be her manager at Polaris, as well as the Polaris CEO trying to dissuade Clara from trying to cancel her contract.

See the whole translated conversation between Clara and the CEO in the gallery below, Photos 1 to 33.

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