Clara shows off her figure in another photoshoot that will set you on fire

24 October 2014 / 2 years 2 days ago

Clara is at it again, making other women green with envy at the sight of her sexy figure in a recent lingerie shoot.

According to allkpop, she recently posed in 'Guess Underwear' for 'Nylon' magazine. In it, she is photographed stretching and looking with a dreamy expression for an overall subtly sexy and pure look.

A rep from the photo shoot stated, "In this photo shoot, we set aside the often used showy or cheery atmosphere and went for a feminine, cozy, and warm concept instead. Within that, we emphasized Clara's unique sexiness to direct a new kind of atmosphere.

"A satisfying photo shoot was born from the meeting between 'Guess Underwear's trendy autumn products that have romantic lace or classy patterns and Clara's dramatic body."

Clara, kpop
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