Clara may be banned from baseball opening pitch ceremonies -- because she lied

23 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Clara may be banned from Korea's professional baseball's ceremonies from now on.

According to a report on AllKPop, even though Clara apologized for her misconducts on 'SNL Korea', the public's gaze toward her hasn't changed much.

In fact, by apologizing, she stirred up the situation even more because even though she previously denied that her statements were lies, she was now admitting her wrong by apologizing. Amidst the clamor around Clara, the Korean professional baseball league has also changed their opinion of Clara.

One of the representatives of the league said, "If Clara keeps going with this image, it'll be hard for her to have the first pitch at a professional baseball game."

While this may not mean much to others, Clara gained her recent extreme popularity last May during the Doosan Bears-LG Twins game with her leggings fashion.

She'd become the icon of first pitches with her fashion.

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