Clara makes Korean actress jealous after saying hi to her 'husband'

9 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Actress Clara unintentionally sparked some jealousy between Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han on 'We Got Married'.

The romantic couple were having a 'street date' in Hongdae when a car pulled up. Clara suddenly called out, "Yoon Han," saying hello. When Lee So Yeon heard her voice, she questioned, "It's a woman?"  

According to allkpop, Yoon Han explained in his solo interview, "Clara and I know each other from a previous broadcast," while Lee So Yeon revealed, "I never thought about the fact that Yoon Han talks to other women. I felt strangely awkward."

She asked him, "Why didn't you introduce us? You should've. I guess you know a lot of woman," expressing jealousy. Well that works out because Yoon shared, "I like it when women get jealous."

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