Clara makes fans and media go gaga with what she did at Taiwan airport

18 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Clara’s flying kiss to Taiwanese fans as she arrived at the airport has captured the attention of local media.

Clara arrived in Taiwan on December 16th and was all smiles once she landed, reports Koreaboo. She expressed how happy she was to be ther as she has a soft spot for Taiwanese food and could not wait to begin her trip.

This is not the actress’ first time in Taiwan as she was recently at the wedding of friend Mark Chao. She has returned to the island due to the needs of her filming schedule.

Upon arrival, Clara smoothly greeted her Taiwanese fans in Mandarin before rolling into an interview with English. After the quick Q&A, Clara blew a sweet kiss to everyone, showing why she is crowned the most beautiful woman of Asia by MODE magazine.

It has also been reported that Clara has been sued by Polaris Entertainment, whom she signed a contract with earlier this year.

Allkpop said that according to a report that surfaced on Dec 17, Polaris Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Clara last month, but both sides are keeping silent about the reason.

Clara is also said to have gone through questioning by prosecution earlier this month after the lawsuit was filed.

Although a reason hasn't been given, reports say the agency reportedly sent a certification of contents to Clara's side 3-4 times, asking for a mediation prior to the lawsuit, but both sides couldn't come to an agreement.

The agency's rep commented, "After reviewing it with our legal team, we will decide on whether or not to reveal [the reason]."

The reports also say that Clara's father Lee Seung Gyu, a singer from the group Koreana, also responded to a media outlet, "Polaris' claims are unfounded... I will speak no further."

Another rep from Clara's side stated, "There is nothing to say at the moment, and we don't want it to spread to the public."

When Polaris was contacted after this report went out, the agency remained cautious and did not reveal any details, commenting, "We're not really a former agency, but rather more like an agent. Clara's agency is KoreanaClara, and Polaris was just managing her domestic activities... It's difficult for us to say that there have been absolutely no conflicts with Clara, but there is nothing that we can say concretely at the moment."

Another rep from the agency remarked,"We will look into it and release a statement later."

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