Clara gets closer to her goal of taking nude photos -- with this bikini shoot

5 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Sexy actress and TV personality Clara showed off her sexily trim and tan figure in a bikini-clad photo shoot for fashion magazine SURE.

For the shoot, Clara poses in the latest sporting underwear from international brand FILA's "Fila Intimo" line, , reports Kpopstarz.

Although there's no denying Clara's evident sexiness, she also projected her cute and sexy side as she brightens up the photos with her smile and candid gazes.

Other than the Fila Intimo garments, Clara mixes them up with pieces such as a crop denim vest, oversized denim polo, and crop top.

The rest of Clara's photo shoot will be released in Sure magazine's August issue.

In the meantime, Clara is currently in the midst of preparing for her debut as a rapper. She is reportedly recording a song with underground rapper Yasu.

According to an article in allkpop, Clara also revealed how she keeps her amazing figure.

She recently held a photoshoot with the magazine 'Beauty+'. Instead of her usually sexy image, she went for a more elegant and innocent image instead, wearing almost no makeup with a white one-piece dress. In the interview, she revealed how she kept her figure.

She chose dancing diet as the best, and said, "If you follow Girl's Day's 'Female President' choreography, there's a lot of moves where they twist their upper and lower bodies in different directions. It's the best for making abs."

She added, "I exercised for 2 hours every day for 6 months. I maintain my s-line through lifting dumbbells."

On food tips, she said, "When I eat bibimbap, I don't put in the pepper paste or sesame oil. When I eat pasta, I eat oil-based pasta, and when I eat steak, I leave out the pepper or salt and just cook it without any sauces.

"Instead of eating special things or eating certain things, I take special care in everyday meals. I have smaller plates for breakfast and dinner and eat the regular amount for lunch."

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