Clara found not guilty of blackmailing CEO -- who's in deep trouble now

16 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

In a turn of events, it has been revealed that the prosecution has cleared Clara from suspicion of threats, while pressing charges against Polaris Entertainment's CEO Lee Kyu Tae.

If you remember, there are several lawsuits being interchanged between Clara and CEO Lee Kyu Tae. One of them was the lawsuit filed by CEO Lee Kyu Tae against Clara and her father Lee Seung Kyu for threatening and blackmailing him.

Clara insisted that she felt sexually humiliated and wanted her contract to be terminated, and that if the CEO did not do what she asked, she'll report him to the police.

Previously, the police sided with Lee Kyu Tae, saying that they have found that Clara and her father indeed blackmailed the CEO by threatening to report him to the police for sexual humiliation, said Soompi.

After examining the back-and-forth conversations between Clara and CEO Lee, the police had decided that there was nothing in the content to arouse suspicions of sexual humiliation in the first place, and forwarded their findings to the prosecution.

However, the prosecution have now decided the opposite. The prosecution say they believe that the KakaoTalk messages and such exchanged between Clara and CEO Lee are enough to cause Clara to feel sexually humiliated, and that it was in her right to ask for contract termination on those grounds.

They commented, "We don't think that her claims of feeling sexually humiliated are exaggerated or are of ill-intention. We also don't think that telling the CEO that she'll report him to the police is an expression that has crossed any boundaries [cannot be considered blackmail or threat]."

Along with this decision, the prosecution have also turned the tables on CEO Lee Kyu Tae by deciding to charge him instead for threatening Clara.

According to them, they learned while investigating Clara, that CEO Lee met with Clara's parents in August 2014, and had spoken menacingly as if he was going to physically hurt Clara and her manager.

He allegedly told Clara to cut her ties with her manager and mentioned that he is someone of the position who has connections all over the industry capable of anything.

According to what Clara has told the prosecution, Lee said to her, "This might sound scary to you, but I can have someone's neck in an instant. I could make them into a crippled person."

Now it remains to be seen whether this turn of events will have any effect on Clara's other lawsuit going on to terminate her contract.

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