Clara explains why she sent sexy pictures of herself to Polaris CEO

18 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Clara recently admitted that she did send revealing pictures to the Polaris CEO who she filed a sexual harassment suit against.

But she explained why she did so, reports All K-pop.

Clara's representatives said, “She sent those pictures to him which were already on SNS and in the media just to check in with him.

"Polaris did not assign Clara a manager when she first joined the agency.

"The CEO said that he would act as her manager and Clara sent her those pictures as a routine of checking in with her manager. Clara worked with her previous managers in such a manner as well.

"She didn’t send the CEO only provocative pictures. The conversations took place in June at the time her contract was just beginning so of course they had a good relationship.

"The point of this lawsuit, however, is the contract termination, but Polaris is centering the attention on provocative matters.”

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