Clara cried in public upon hearing she's 'sexy'

8 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

When someone compliments you for being 'sexy', the last thing one will expect is for tears to flow but that was what happened with Korean actress Clara.

On July 30, Clara spoke at the press conference for the new sitcom 'Reckless Family 3' about finding the going tough when she was an unknown in the industry, and had even though of quitting.

"Since I started being recognized and shown love as an actress, it has made me feel happier than when I receive a paycheck", she said before her tears welled up.

After she made the news for crying in a public place upon hearing the compliment, she sought to clarify the reason for her emotional outpour.

She said: 'It reminded me of my life when I was a nobody,' referring to former days when she was not well-known to the public, reported Kpopstarz.

On Aug 6, Clara explained further on Twitter: "I can only say thank you for loving me and complimenting me on my sexiness.

"I'm not scared at all. I cried that day because I remembered the eight previous years in which I was still anonymous."

She continued with her heartfelt confession: "Everything hangs on my efforts...I just want to apologize for crying in front of my seniors."

"I've been wondering what more I could offer to the people in the future since they've already seen my sexy side.

"That is why I chose 'Reckless Family 3.' As someone who is known to many as being lively and bright, it's intimidating to think of henceforth being known as someone sexy."

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