Clara cried after director's R-rated comments about her erotic scene?

6 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

In a press conference for Clara's upcoming movie, 'Working Girl,' back in December, the director made headlines when he made inappropriate 19+ remarks about the actress by going into detail regarding how she practiced reaching an orgasm using a vibrating prop for one of the scenes.

Afterwards, he made an apology according to a rep from Clara's agency.

According to allkpop, the actress personally addressed this past issue during an interview with Newsen on January 1 at a cafe in Seoul.

She said, "At the time, I did not see reports. After finishing the press conference, I stepped down where the director told me, 'The public needs to know Clara's diligence. They must know how much you tried as an actress.' I was grateful for the director's sincere heart."

Despite his sincere intentions to reveal how hard she worked on the film, he was criticized by some netizens, who said he had not been considerate towards a female actress and that his words were too severe.  

"I was not affected at all nor was I hurt by it," Clara revealed. "I knew about the director's good intentions, so I feel it's a shame that he was hit with a blow. There's talk that I cried because of the director's remark, but that's different from the truth. My eyes are always wet."

She laughed, then continued, "I have no problems at all with the director. I want to think of him in a good light. Director Jung Bum Shik is the quiet and attentive type on set. He doesn't make a big deal about things and he always waited in a composed manner for me.

"When I had to feel pain in certain scenes, we even shared the pain together. Thanks to the director, my chemistry with Jo Yeo Jung was even good. I was always grateful while filming 'Working Girl.'"

The movie will premiere on January 8!

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